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Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “America is another name for opportunity.”  We are blessed to experience this truth, together, with our partners, in the work we do helping small businesses grow and prosper and realize their opportunity as companies, and ours as a nation. It is a job bigger than any one of us individually. It is job we share with our partners and sponsors as civil servants and dedicated professionals in the public and private sectors. 

We have been in the conference and trade show industry since 1980 spanning numerous decades in the not-for-profit health and human resources field working with organizations like the United Way of America and the myriad of agencies attached to this charitable pioneer. Together, we were helping bolster NGO’s, businesses, volunteers, and government agencies to build stronger communities. We reported directly to The President and Mrs. Reagan on Reagan Library on an  “endearing and personal” Initiative that included a state-of-the art interactive exhibit, “Volunteerism In America.” for the Reagan Library.  We helped create unified messages as media consultants for The Points of Light Foundation (Bush 41). We worked closely with numerous agency program directors in HUD, the DOJ, DOI, DOE, and the DOD, during the Clinton and Bush (41 & 43) administrations. Our work includes productions for numerous departments within the Pentagon, including recruitment films and events for the U.S. Army, and training programs for the Navy, network television,  dynamic museum exhibits such as a 128 foot long video-wall, entitled, “What Is America” at the Newseum. Our work can be seen in dozens of films and videos at National Parks from Big Bend to Harpers Ferry and in events for federal agencies and corporate America.

Whether you are new to the government procurement arena or a seasoned state, federal or fortune 500 contractor, A ContractReady™ conference and expo is a great opportunity to meet with decision-makers, attend “Best Practices” seminars and workshops and walk away with real contacts.

Tidewater-Hampton Roads
 Small Business
Contracting Conference & Expo 2022



Huntsville – Redstone Arsenal
Small Business Contracting
Conference & Expo 2022


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